Engine rotation


servizio rotazione motori

The engine rotation solution is recommended when the engine is particularly damaged so its repair becomes particularly expensive, or for new vehicles for which there are not yet used engines to be regenerated on the market.

With engine rotation, SRM Servizio Rotazione Motori takes care of all the working process. After having analyzed the state of the engine and verified its availability on the market, it calculates the estimate, and following its approval proceeds with the replacement.

On the other hand, when the engine is being analyzed, SRM Servizio Rotazione Motori's specialized technicians check that the damage is not so important as to require replacement, they propose the customer to rebuild it.

If you think that replacing an engine is expensive, download our brochure. Inside you will find the prices for different models of cars and you will be able to verify the profitability of our proposals. And if you don't find your car, request a quote. Without any commitment we will give you all the information you want.