the engine is the part that thanks to its operation allows movement for the vehicle where it is installed. the most common engines are powered by petrol, diesel or methane or lpg gas.

How are the engines made?

Engines are assembled with different components, each of which performs its own interconnected task with other parts. In fact, the lack of one or even the malfunctioning of a single component can lead to the malfunctioning of the entire engine.

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.We can primarily identify the engine components in:

  • Carburettor,
  • Thermal body,
  • Spark plug,
  • Exhaust,
  • Crankshaft,
  • Ignition and flywheel,
  • Clutch & gearbox

When these parts are well calibrated the engine guarantees its maximum in terms of functionality and performance. Of course, adequate maintenance will make it last longer.

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How does engine work?

A car engine transforms a mixture of air and fuel into energy. Fuel is defined as any chemical element (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, LPG, ethanol, methane, etc.) that when mixed with air makes it possible to obtain sufficient detonating energy to power the engine.

In internal combustion engines (ICE), such as in automobiles, the energy created by combustion is transformed into mechanical power transmitted to the crankshaft and then to the transmission parts and wheels.

In the combustion chamber, gases generated by the detonation of the mixture create pressure on the cylinders pushing them downwards. This movement is transferred to the motor shaft by rotating it.

How does an engine break?

An engine can melt or seize. When it melts the damage is mainly to the motor shaft and it can no longer transfer the rotary movement to the wheels. In this case, a repair is not always recommended because motor shafts generally have a high cost that affects that of the spare parts necessary for regeneration. A regenerated engine can instead be the most convenient solution. If the chances of recovering a car with a melted engine were previously few, today SMR Motori can propose an engine replacement with a regenerated one. With this procedure, the customer maintains their car, fitted with a (used overhauled, new or built ad hoc by SRM Motori technicians) fully functional engine significantly saving costs.

When, on the other hand, two or more mechanical parts are blocked, preventing the other components from moving regularly, this is called a seized motor. When an engine is not properly lubricated, the cylinders tend to overheat and expand in volume, increasing friction and making the engine perform poorly until it seizes.

How to make an engine last?

To prolong an engine's life the first thing to do is surely always to carry out always constant ordinary maintenance and, as soon as a possible malfunction is noticed, it is always wise to visit your trusted mechanic as soon as possible. Continuing to use an engine that has some problems can lead to serious damage, to the possibility that it can no longer be recovered for its overhauling and regeneration. To find out the cost of a regenerated or overhauled engine, please fill in the quotation form. And if you don't know the model you are interested in, contact us. We will provide you with all the information you need.

SRM Motori specialises in the complete and partial servicing of engines and if you live far away, its technicians are ready to come in person to your mechanic to collect the disassembled engine, analyse it and proceed with its overhaul. SRM Motori, with its forty years of experience, treat a wide range of products, not only for small cars but also commercial, industrial, special-purpose, marine and agricultural machinery.

Furthermore, all spare parts used are original or perfectly equivalent to ensure a guaranteed product over time.

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